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206 N. East Avenue - Columbus, KS 66725


"A better approach to Self-Storage"

Key Benefits:

Indoor Access:

All units have clean, well lit indoor access so you can retrieve, drop off, or sort through items even in the most adverse weather conditions outside. Indoor units also have less risk of pests and dust compared to traditional drive up facilities.

Multiple Layers of Security: 

In addition to the key pad and biometric entry into our facility, each individual unit is equipped with a roll up door and your unique lock. 

Also, if a burglar were to make it into the facility our 24/7 motion tracking cameras would notify us immediately of the entry and local law enforcement would be dispatched to the facility.

Humidity Control:

Although not climate controlled, our facility offers block exterior walls and metal interior walls along with continuous dehumidification to reduce the risk of interior sweating with changes in relative humidity.

More Space:

Our units have 9' sidewalls allowing you to store more cubic feet of your valuables compared to other facilities with 7' and 8' sidewalls.

Storage Unit Sizes available 5x10 & 10x10

What fits in a 5x10 Unit?

Best compared to the space of a small room or a larger closet, this storage unit is ideal for customers that have decorations, some boxes, a few pieces of furniture or one bedroom worth of items to move. 


50 sq. ft.  -- 450 cubic ft.

Common Items Stored in a 5’ x 10’ Storage Unit

  • Queen-Sized Mattress Set

  • Dresser & Nightstands

  • TV Stand & Flat-Screen TV

  • Loveseat and Chairs

  • Bicycle & Other Sporting Equipment

  • Boxes of Clothing & Household Items


Common Uses for 5’ x 10’ Storage Unit?

  • Moving to/from Apartments

  • Home Belongings Mid-Renovation

  • Storing Extra Inventory & Office Supplies

What fits in a 10x10 Unit?

The most common storage unit at any indoor facility, the 10’ by 10’ storage unit has space equivalent to ½ a standard one car garage. Store up to three rooms of items or 2 full bedrooms. 


100 sq. ft.  -- 900 cubic ft.

Common Items Stored in a 10’ x 10’ Storage Unit

  • King-Sized Mattress Set

  • Two Couches or Sectional Living Room Set

  • Coffee & End Tables

  • Major Appliances (Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator)

  • Entertainment Center + Flat-Screen TV

  • Boxes of Items (Clothing, Sentimental, etc.)


Common Uses for 10’ x 10’ Storage Unit?

  • Remodeling a room and need to move items out

  • Freeing up space in garage

  • Housing small home for short term move

Drive Up Facility

923 E. Walnut Columbus, KS 66725

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